Having a pet cat or kitten can be really nice especially if it is your first time. However, you also need to be responsible enough to know what is best for your pet. The first thing that you should know when you opt to have a pet cat is to choose the best food for cats. You cannot just buy any food you see in a pet shop as you have to consider the nutritional value.

When choosing a cat food brand, consider your pet's age. A cat's age is broadly segmented into three stages: kitten, adult and senior. Ideally, you should choose cat food that is appropriate to your pet's age.Foods manufactured especially for kittens are rich in both protein and fat which are essential to the development of your pet's muscles, bones, and teeth.

Additionally, kittens require more protein and fat because they are more active and can burn more calories. Adult cats, on the other hand, require a diet low in calories. Just like humans, adult cats can become overweight if they are overfed or given the wrong type of food and do not get much physical activity. Being overweight can leave them susceptible to diseases and conditions like heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

The only exception here is if the cat is pregnant or nursing. Pregnant and nursing cats require meals which are higher in fat and protein. When your pet reaches old age, it becomes more sedentary and will require a diet which is low in fat and rich in proteins which can be easily be digested as well as processed by their kidneys. Once you have narrowed down your food choices to those appropriate to your cat's age, the next thing that you need to do is to look at the food labels.

Look for important content such as protein, taurine, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, and water as the top ingredients. You may also notice preservatives listed on the labels. These are used to keep the food fresh, although quality brands use less artificial preservatives and fillers. Avoid cat foods which list ingredients like by-products, animal digest, meat and/or bone meal, added sugars, corn meal, too many carbohydrate fillers, and chemical preservatives.

Experts suggest rotating different cat foods to prevent boredom and to ensure that your cat gets a balanced diet. It is also recommended that you give your pet both dry and canned food. Choosing the best food for your cats is really very important to ensure their health.

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Ever wish your butt looked like one of those swimsuit model's butts in a tiny bikini? Who doesn't, right? But don't be fooled into thinking that you can't have that butt--you can! Here are a few of the best butt exercises that will get you the results you want.

They may be somewhat unconventional but way more fun and let's face it, you'll be having fun and getting fit at the same time which means it won't really feel like work to get the butt you've always wanted!

The best butt exercise for your butt is inline skating, also known as rollerblading. This exercise is so good for the glutes, thighs, and abs. You can pick up a pair for $20 all the way up to $150 depending on the type and quality.

But for a 30 minute blade around the park everyday, all you need is a decent pair that's comfortable and preferably has rubber wheels.

This helps to absorb some of the shock; saving your knees.

For first-timers I would recommend investing in a pair with brakes, also knee and elbow pads, and even gloves wouldn't be a bad idea.

There is a learning curve involved, but it's just like riding a bike-once you learn how it sort of becomes second nature.

But if rollerblading isn't your thing, ice skating will give you the same result. Any activity where you have to use your legs to push against your body weight is a great exercise for not just your legs but your butt too, since the legs have to rely on the glute muscles to perform.

Another activity that is great for the butt is hiking. Or, if hiking is a bit too much, just walking at an incline will do more for your butt than walking level or downhill.

The reason hiking is one of the best butt exercises is because the terrain varies therefore you work different parts of the butt and at different intensities throughout the workout. Which means the muscles firm up much faster.

The third best butt exercise is swimming. Swimming has been shown to be the best exercise for any part of the body because it offers resistance without putting much stress on the joints.

However, to get better and faster results, you will want to supplement these activities with an at home workout DVD.

I highly recommend the Brazil Butt Lift DVD.

I would rollerblade, hike, or swim in the morning; and then do the Brazil Butt Lift at night. And I found that by doing these activities with the added intensity of the exercises in the Brazil Butt Lift it completely transformed my butt from a dimpled cellulite butt to a super sexy supermodel butt.

And it can do the same for yours!

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Started by Joseph Pilates back in the early 1900s, Pilates is a century old proven exercise that is still practiced widely today.

It is a set of exercises that focuses on strengthening your core muscles and improving your flexibility. In fact, it is the Pilates workouts that have helped Joseph Pilates to grow from a physically weak and sickly child to a strong and healthy adult.

Pilates is known to benefit practitioners well beyond the physical body. It is claimed to be able to calm one's mind and stabilize one's emotions.

This may be due to the slow movement of Pilates workout routines coupled with controlled breathing that soothes one's nervous system.

In this way you not only become stronger but also feel better after every Pilates workout.

So is the gym the only place you can practice Pilates?

Practicing Pilates at the gym definitely has a lot of benefits to offer. Firstly the gym will usually provide you with mid to professional grade Pilates mat that you can comfortably perform your exercises on.

Secondly they have certified Pilates instructors that can provide you with professional guidance and correct you on the spot when you are doing it wrong.

The only downside to doing it at the gym is that it is very costly. This is mainly because the membership fees will include the rental of the studio space as well as hiring the Pilates instructor for your class.

But the gym is definitely not the only place you can do your Pilates exercises. In fact, you can just do it at home without compromising too much on the quality of the workout.

Doing your Pilates workout at home has its advantages. Firstly you save time and money traveling to the gym for your Pilates class.

Secondly you can do it at your own comfortable pace and will not be embarrassed if you can't execute some of the moves.

Thirdly you can do it at any time of the day when you are free and don't have to stick to a fixed class schedule.

With the right routines and equipment, you too can achieve a gym-quality Pilates workout from the comfort of your home.

So what are the right routines and equipment you should look out for when considering to do Pilates at home?

There are many different types of Pilates workouts using different combinations of routines and equipment.

The recommended exercise for home Pilates will be the Pilates mat work (also known as Pilates mat workout or Pilates mat exercise).

The Pilates mat work is very affordable due to the lack of need for any heavy, costly or specialized equipment (such as the reformer).

All it requires is just a Pilates mat, where you can get it off a local departmental store or an online shop, some loose clothing, and a Pilates DVD for the guidance.

Pilates mat exercises can be easy or hard depending on your level. There are basic routines designed for beginners and patients recovering from injuries, and there are the challenging routines that the advanced practitioners will appreciate.

Thus, selecting a Pilates DVD of the correct level is very important. Always look out for an indication of the difficulty level on the DVD cover or search for reviews online before you buy so that you will not waste your money.

One good way to find out is to look for the author or actor or actress name or the DVD title on YouTube.

Usually they will share a few basic instructional videos on YouTube for free as part of their promotional efforts. In this way you can gauge if the level of difficulty suits you before you buy their DVD.

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North America is a northern subcontinent of the Americas, surrounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west and South America and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast. It is made up of numerous countries, islands that add grace to its beauty and make it a wonderful tourist spot. Scenic landscapes, towering mountains, eye-catching attractions and historical heritage are the highlights of this region, which captivate the eyes of its visitors with its majestic charm.

Home to a wide range of lakes, it is a wonderful place for all types of vacation. From Canada to Panama, there are numerous lakes in North America that could be one of the ideas of a quick getaway. Here is the list of the beautiful lakes of this region that have been painted by the artists and described by the poets.

1. Crater Lake, Oregon:

photo credit: ponderation.net
Situated in the south-central Oregon, Crater Lake is a part of the Crater Lake National Park that happens to be a natural wonder with an enormous range of breathtaking sights, alluring places and wonderful spots that can steal anyone's heart away. Surrounded by amazing fauna, it is an amazing place that has the charm of making a vacation a memorable experience.

2. Skilak Lake, Alaska:

photo credit: id.pinterest.com/pin/73253931413083748/
Skilak Lake is a large lake set on the Kenai Peninsula in the Alaska region that adds grace to the beauty of the North America. Its crystal clear water, rocky bottom, glaciers in the backdrop and alluring landscapes define the elegance of this scenic lake. With 2 campgrounds, a fun-filled vacation can be spent here with a lot of magical memories.

3. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada:

photo credit: id.pinterest.com/pin/210965563771745308
Known for its turquoise blue water, white glaciers and high peaks, Lake Louise is a gem in the crown of the North America. With a large number of hiking trails, steep hills of the Canadian Rockies and eye-pleasing sights this stunning lake is a visual treat to the eyes that catches the eyes of all its visitors. A visit to this lake is a must to know more about its allure.

4. Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz:

photo credit: id.pinterest.com/pin/327707310360059700/
This freshwater lake in the east-central Mexico is formed by the separation of volcanic eruptions from the Gulf of Mexico. Symbolized as an eco-tourism destination, it is a lovely lake with tropical views, archaeological ruins and ancient carvings. Jungle trekking adventures, sightseeing and mountain trails can be experienced while being here. A mere glimpse of this lake leaves its visitors in the state of awestruck.

5. Emerald Lake, Carcross, Canada:

photo credit: plus.google.com
As the name suggests, the water of the lake is that of an emerald and is formed by an unusual phenomenon. Apart from this, scenic views of the lake and breathtaking sights of the surrounding Gray Ridge Mountain make the travelers spellbound and wonder in surprise. The rays of sun falling on the lake create a mesmerizing view, which is hard to find anywhere else.

Plus size tops opens the doors for big and beautiful women to create their own unique look. For full figured women, finding plus size clothes can be a difficult task. Not only are the choices limited but the available clothes are also very dull and out-of-date. That is until now.

Before people considered making plus size tops for full figured women, it was extremely hard for big and beautiful women to look for tops that can provide enough coverage for their larger frame since smaller framed women did not require clothes that need to accommodate a bigger sized chest.

photo credit: glamcheck.com
Plus Size Tops Should Not Be Found In Your Man's Closet

Without plus size tops these full figured women had to make do with what they can come up with, and that's big oversized men's t-shirts or squeezing into a smaller sized shirt. And believe me; men's shirts should only stay in men's closets. Before plus size tops, there was just no way for full figured women to be stylish or trendy.

The good news is that things have change. Many companies are catering to the needs of plus size women. Many online stores offer virtual racks and racks of stylish plus size clothes like tops, party dresses and even plus size bathing suits for full figured women of all ages. This benefits a lot of full figured women because weight doesn't just come with age, they come in any age.

photo credit: virtushop.com.au
Plus Size Tops Offer Freedom To Mix And Match

The designs for plus size tops considered big and beautiful women of different generations, thus creating trendy and colorful tops for the younger generation while providing clean cut and tailored tops for the older generation.

These plus size tops also come in a wide variety of styles, giving full figured women the option to choose which top they feel like wearing with their favorite pair of jeans. With cute and trendy tops made for curvier women, it gives them the freedom to choose which top to best compliment the whole outfit or look.

Another advantage that comes with stylish plus size tops is that it gives the curvier woman more outfit options and more looks to pair their bottoms in. A cute stylish pink top when paired with washed jeans can be a great look to wear on a trip to the mall while the same top matched with a cute tailored skirt can work well as an outfit for work.

What's great about these plus size tops is their ability to mix and match well with several different bottoms you prefer. Matched with the right accessories, big and beautiful women can look extra fabulous wearing plus size tops to a dinner date without looking like they tried too hard.

photo credit: macys.com

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Plus Size Tops Allow Women To Look Their Best No Matter The Occasion

The freedom that plus size clothing offers to full figured women are endless when it comes to expressing their sense of style. Now, big and beautiful women don't have to pretend that they don't care about how they look. They can enjoy dressing up and looking good no matter what occasion there is.

Whether it be plus size formal dresses or any other stylish plus size clothes, the selections to choose from online are now plentiful and readily available, and pushes the wonderfully curvy woman to explore other different looks, and it is because of all these beautiful and fashionable Plus Size tops that big and curvy women are no longer afraid to be stylish and trendy.

So again...when your best assets are your curves, there's no reason to hide them under some bulky, unflattering plus size tops, instead next time you're getting ready for that night out, opt to show off your voluptuous sexy curves by choosing Plus Size tops that's right for you.

All fabulously curvy women who love wearing the latest style of fashionable and trendy Plus Size clothes but are not lucky enough to have a plus size clothing boutique in their hometown can now safely and securely buy stylish Plus Size party dresses,tops and even plus size bathing suits on the Internet.
Prom night is the most awaited night for all the teenagers. They dream a different look, a unique personality and an elegant hairstyle with flawless attire. Prom hair is the major concern for most of the females. To choose the best prom hairstyles that complement the prom dress, personality and the mood of the night is a big chore. The hairstyle should go with the prom theme as well. Every prom night has a theme that ties together all the aspects of the prom. Prom themes are diverse and play a vital role in the selection of prom dress and prom hairstyles.

photo credit: stylecaster.com
There is a vast selection of hairstyles for prom for both short and long hairs. For girls with short hairs there are plenty of short prom hairstyles that look formal as well as trendy. To name a few textured short cuts with plenty of texture and layers, short hairstyle with a fringe and pixie cut are the most popular. Long hairs are bit difficult to manage but yet there is abundance of prom hairstyles for long hair. Curls, waves, updos and chingnons look great on long hairs. Updos prom hairstyles are the staple of the prom night that compliments the flattering features and gives an elegant look. Some of the other hairstyles are simple chic cut with the front part pleated to one side and separated with a hair band; long boho waves with a center parting and waves throughout the tresses; and curly locks created with rollers or barrel.

photo credit: skinrich.info
Most of the girls with medium length hair are worried for the hairstyle but there are various medium length hairstyles as well. Infact they can take advantage of both short hairstyles and long hairstyles. Choppy mid length cut, curled locks and natural wavy are some of the styles that are perfect medium hairstyles for the prom night. Updos prom hairstyles can also be the best styling option for medium length hair. Sassy updo and knotted style updos are the most popular and easy prom hairstyles.

photo credit: girliehairstyle.com

photo credit: women-longhairstyle.info
Today the most favorite hairstyle with the young girls is the sedu prom hairstyles. These hairstyles can be natural sedu hairstyle, formal sedu hairstyle or vintage sedu hairstyle. A natural sedu hairstyle simply implies natural beauty. It is either straight hair with curls or a loose bun that showcases the face of the wearer. A formal sedu hairstyle consists of a tight bun or a low ponytail. Vintage meaning old fashioned is the most expressive and elegant hairstyle for prom.

Early planning of the best hairstyle for the most awaited prom night can help to achieve a different, unique, elegant and flattering look that blends well with the ambience of the prom night.
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Yoga may be as old as 5000 years, according to some. One of the six schools of Hindu philosophy and very much a living tradition today, it antedates other major religions of the world. Its wisdom is timeless and its perspectives on health and wellness prescient.

Yoga, like all major religions and religious philosophies explores the relationship of mind, spirit and body. The Bhagavad Gita ("Song of the Lord"), written perhaps between 400 and 100 b.c.e., defines four major branches of yoga. Each is focused on an aspect of mind, spirit or body and explores their relationship from a different perspective.

* The first, Karma yoga, is the yoga of action in the world.

* The second, Jnana yoga, is the yoga of wisdom and intellectual endeavor.

* The third, Bhakti yoga, is the yoga of devotion to God.

* The fourth, Dhyana yoga, is the yoga of meditation.

Hatha yoga, a system of yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama of the 15th century is based on the yoga of Patanjali, who wrote sometime between 200 b.c.e. and 300 c.e. Patanjali's eight-step yogic system is a form of Raja yoga, meaning it presents meditation as the path to the ultimate goal of enlightenment.

Hatha yoga is the style most well-known in the West today. It focuses on purification of the physical as the path to purification of the mind and prana (vital energy). In this respect, it is very different from Patanjali's yoga in that Patanjali's yoga focuses on the purification of the mind as the path to purification of the prana and body.

In viewing the body as the path to the mind and spirit, yoga is similar to those western religions: which emphasize ritual practices as the path to spiritual understanding.

Hatha yoga practices Yoga applies a broad holistic approach that teaches people a different way of being in the world. Hatha yoga teaches this approach by way of a series of asanas, or positions. Asanas should be "steady but comfortable, firm but relaxed", according to the teachings of classical yoga. A first step is to learn rhythmical yoga breathing (pranayama) and to maintain this rhythmical breathing throughout a posture.

For this reason - that is maintaining good breath - one of the first postures that is taught is savasana, or "the corpse" pose. Savasana is a supine asana. Lying on the back, one lets the arms and legs fall naturally at about a 45-degree angle from the body. Starting with the toes and moving upward through the body, one concentrates on each body part, feeling the rhythm of the blood moving through that part. The effect is to produce alert relaxation and regular deep breathing.

Asanas include standing exercises, sitting exercises, exercises which start from a position lying on one's back, exercises which start from a position lying on one's stomach and twisting exercises. Each position is held for a few moments. Early on in the practice of yoga, there may be a tendency to become so relaxed that one falls asleep. The proper state, however, is one of relaxed alertness. While doing the exercise, one should check that breath remains rhythmical throughout - and also that muscles which are not the current focus of the stretch remain relaxed.

Health effects of yoga practice: Yoga concentrates on the spine, which we know today is the sheath, which protects the central nervous system and thereby controls all parts of the body as well as mood and mental functioning. Indeed, manipulation of the spine for the benefit of health is the basis of chiropractic, with which many in the West are very familiar.

In a survey conducted by Yoga Biomedical Trust in 1983-84, 3000 individuals who engaged in yoga to treat a particular condition were asked how beneficial the treatment was. It was reported as most effective for back pain, benefiting 98% of respondents. It was also reported to be 96% effective in cases of nerve or muscle disease. In regard to heart disease and anxiety, respondents reported 94% improvement. And finally, with regard to alcoholism, respondents reported a whopping 100% improvement.

Based on chiropractic information, we can safely assume that yoga might be directed toward treating specific physical issues like, for example, thyroid dysfunction. If the T6 (thoracic) vertebra is affected in such a way as to impinge on the nerve that goes to the thyroid, it will affect thyroid function. Conversely relieving this stress on the nerve, if appropriate yoga practice is introduced early enough, can reverse the problem.

Yoga nutrition Yoga nutrition emphasizes foods that promote prana, or vital energy and to eat them in such a way that these foods have the maximum opportunity to do their work. This means that, according to yogic principles, one should eat small quantities of the best quality foods - those that produce the minimum of toxins and in quantities such that the body is not overtaxed through the process of digestion. These foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

According to yogis, the best food is fruit, which contributes most to life force. It is a source of energy, which, all else being equal, does not produce toxins in the process of digestion. Yogis emphasize freshness and raw foods. A food, which must be approached with great caution, is meat, which does produce toxic waste products as it is metabolized in the body.

Interestingly, these principles are those which modern medical science is demonstrating are valid today. Drs. Roizen and Oz, in The Owners Manual Diet, recommend eating when hungry, not famished and including at least two snacks. Foods to eat on a daily basis and the foundation of the diet are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. This diet goes hand-in-hand with a program of physical activity directed toward flexibility and strength, as is the yoga "diet".

Conclusion On a recent Oprah show, Dr. Roizen indicated that the next important medical development will be a greater focus on "energy" medicine, bringing us full circle to the perennial puzzle, the one with which we began: the connection between mind, body and spirit and how we integrate between them to reach our fullest potential as human begins. This is the question that hatha yoga addresses, and the teaching is that by learning to speak with our body, we address our minds and souls, increasing the clarity and strength of each.

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